Zero Tolerance 0452CF

Zero Tolerance 0452CF

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Here’s technology every bit as vital as your cellphone: your EDC knife. Open a package, section an apple, solve a coworker’s cardboard box problem, and look badass doing it with the 0452CF designed by Dmitry Sinkevich.

The tech here is the advanced- formula CPM S35VN steel and our KVT opening system. The powdered steel is extremely fine-grained so it can be sharpened to a razor edge. Added niobium and nitrogen help it resist chipping.

Caged ball bearings in the KVT system make the knife smooth and easy to open.


CPM S35VN, machine satin grinds, stonewashed flats


Carbon fiber front; titanium back, stonewashed finish


Manual opening, KVT ball-bearing system, flipper


Titanium frame lock, hardened steel lockbar insert


Reversible deep-carry (right/left, tip-up)


Dmitry Sinkevich